Premium seafood from Holland

five generations in (round) fish

Gebr. Ras BV has been active in the fishing industry since 1931. in those years it has grown into a processing company that specializes in trading and processing round fish, especially cod. Other traded species include pollock, haddock, whiting and zander.

Our fish is purchased, filleted and sold in-house. our employees have years of experience in processing and filleting round fish. They offer you the guarantee that your product will be processed in the best way.

We are mainly active in the fresh trade. The fish is immediately processed and sold. To guarantee the quality of the fish, we strive for an uninterrupted cold chain. After processing, the fish is packed and transported according to the strictest hygiene standards.

In the summer of 2021, Gebr. Ras opened their new building.To be able to respond even more to the wishes and needs of their customers.

We are also authorized to trade fish with the MSC label. This concerns fish that comes from sustainable fisheries.

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